The tale of two mugs

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I’d like to unveil our new and improved RFR Society6 store!

We’ve uploaded new posters – amongst which is the “Mushroom men” poster that was requested on facebook – but what we’re most giddy about are the mugs. Society6 does a great job with those; we know, because the first thing we did after uploading the designs was buying a couple of them.




Full disclosure, there was a disappointing mishap with the first two mugs we got: they arrived in a dozen tiny pieces – a ceramics slaughter! The mugs were clinking in one corner of the box and the meagre amount of bubble wrap sat in the other. Looked like someone at the warehouse was having a bad day. We contacted the store and they sent us new ones along with their apologies, this time securely packed and whole. No harm done.

Presently the broken mugs serve as pretty cool pen holders, but not before we had our fun with them:

We kinsugied the shit out of them!



It's not as easy as it looks...

It’s not as easy as it looks…



The store has more designs with mermen, mushroom men, cats, etc, and we’d love to see pictures if anyone buys some of the other mugs! A photo will always beat a mockup picture in a store :)





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Unreal RFR posters

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Two around the world.

Color us surprised, when we saw posters of Two in the new Showtime TV-show, UnReal. We gave the permission to use RFR posters on the set about a year or so ago, and since productions like these take months to complete and surface – we kind of forgot all about it. But thanks to a helping hand on Twitter  we got to experience a surreal and fun moment that filled us with pride and joy. You can check out the trailer for the TV-show HERE. :)

These posters are very nostalgic for us because they were one of the first promotional materials that we did for RFR. That was about three years ago and it’s just such a strange feeling to see them pop up again. But in a good way. The whole event also reminded us that we have Run Freak Run-posters in our online stores, should you want them hanging on your walls too!

In our Society6-store, you can find the “Red nun” and “Black eyes” posters framed or unframed and even as clothing apparel. Check them all out HERE!



I want this!


rfr2No, I want this!

We also have a small amount of these huge “Many faces of Two”-posters. You can get them on our ETSY-store, next to a small selection of RFR-originals (Just ping us an email if you want to know the availability of a certain page you’d be interested in but can’t find on the store.)


This, this, this! (Out of print, sorry!)

On that note, we hope you have a wonderful Sunday, and hope you are enjoying the latest RFR pages.


Silver and Kaija

The Original RFR

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This might be confusing to you, but I promise if you read on you’ll find out why I put RFR and a gif of a cube shaped cat in one picture ;)

Titles are terrifying.

They’re supposed to be one or more words that will represent everything that your hundreds of pages of work have been trying to get at.

And it’s a paralysing prospect: in addition to being representative of the whole point of your work you want the title to convey the tone of the work, right genre, and hopefully not be too much of a mouthful at the same time.

During the year we took to prepare RFR before launching, we went through at least a dozen titles for the comic, none of which made much sense after a few days of commitment. “NEXT! Ok, this one is good. No, what were we thinking? NEXT!” Some were going for a wild west vibe (not sure why), some were as broad as can be (“Witch hunt”), and most were so unmemorable that for the life of me I can’t recall them now.

And this leads me to “Run Freak Run”.

During my college years I used to have an Etsy shop where I sold plush toys sewn by me. It didn’t exactly take off, but it gave us a bit of pocket money to… well… eat something else than plain spaghetti with a drop of soy sauce on top for flavouring.

All the toys were these weird, cute, colourful monsters with tongues and brains coming out from behind zippers and with “X” to mark their buttholes.

But the shop needed a name.

My approach to finding that name was to rifle through my seven shoeboxfuls of cd’s and brainstorm based on the song names. A mash-up of “Run Boy Run” (I can’t remember by whom, I’m pretty sure it was in a “Punk-O-Rama” cd) and “Freaks in uniforms” by Horrorpops became “Run Freak Run”.

I stopped running the shop when I got a full time job. The shop was empty for couple of years gathering virtual dust, the toys gathering actual dust, until in the year before launching the comic Silver said something along the lines of: What about reusing Run Freak Run? We already have a website for it, a shop set up, and it fits the story surprisingly well. That doesn’t actually sound like Silver at all, but you get the gist.

For better or for worse we went with it.


To give you a feel for what RFR was originally I photographed the toys we still have in the apartment and pulled some pictures from Etsy sales history.

I hope you enjoyed hearing this somewhat unusual origin story. How we came up with the comic itself is a tale for another day.


Group picture. There’s more, but they’re stashed in the cellar somewhere. 

_compilation small


These pictures are straight from the Etsy shop pages. We’ve come a long way with photographing products!



Don’t forget to enter the Winter art givaway by signing up for our newsletter! More info here.


New additions to our shop and inking videos

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Once again I was surprised to find non edited inking videos, abandoned in a forgotten folder. I’m getting the feeling that I need to revise my system. And by that I mean that there’s way too many things I need to remember and it’s obvious that I never will. I should make a list that I can check off every week. I already have one for weekends, and it definitely keeps me moving seamlessly forward from one finished task to another.

Yes, that should do it.

And if you think this list making is starting to sound obsessive compulsive, don’t worry. Most probably in about five months time I’ll be looking into those same video folders, as perplexed at myself as I have been every time so far :D



We also framed and added the page to our Etsy-store. Take a look at the awesome photos Silver took of it:






This could be yours :)



Other shop additions include the illustration made to commemorate our 100 facebook likes-milestone:





Click and buy! :)



And last but not least, we printed out posters of the Mermen-illustration. You can find them too in our shop:



The frame’s not included in the shop to keep the price lower, but you can always contact us for special requests!





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Ebook PDF option added!

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powered by PDF

Powered by PDF, technology of tomorrow.

Hello dear readers!

We just added a .PDF option of Ebook for those who are not fond of .CBR files! Check it out! :)

Or if you’re a good old fashioned .CBR user, then we have you covered too.

Remember, the ebook has en exclusive story in it that has never appeared on the webpage. So if you’re in for some more adventure, and looking for ways to support the making of RFR – then read on!