The Good Robot new weekly series!

by Silver on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

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Today we’d like to announce the weekly release of The Good Robot!

The Good Robot, formerly called Tower 6, is our eternal back-burner project. You may or may not have heard us talk about it, some of you have even read a few chapters. We released an earlier iteration of Good Robot already for our patrons and since then have re-edited and illustrated the story so it would make the best weekly blog experience possible.

For context, it’s is a pulp sci-fi story written in a web-novel form and illustrated with pixel art as the story will be following a little brainwashed robot. If you like Murderbot, 1984, I, Robot, or animated pixel art illustrations, then you might enjoy this too!


Here’s a bit more about the story:

The year is 2152, 120 after the snow. 

Mankind is on the verge of extinction after a catastrophic asteroid impact event that left Earth covered in ice, burying all of modern society under it. It is said, only those who were lucky enough to board the thirteen gigantic shelters called Towers survived.

After a century of waiting for the ice to melt, Tower 6 is the only shelter left standing thanks to the ever protective, ever vigilant, and ever observant Human Resources Administration whose only concern is the survival of Tower 6 — no matter the sacrifice.

The Good Robot is a pulp sci-fi story about a bot named Tweebo living in a world ruled by a mega-corporation that’s on the verge of running out of resources. It is released on a weekly schedule (new chapter every Monday) and is about the brave people of the post-apocalypse who still dream of a better tomorrow, and one special robot who never wants to let anyone down. But what can Tweebo do when he’s stuck between loyalties between his teammates and creators, when the natural elements are working their hardest to destroy the last bastion of humankind, and when forces start to move against anyone who could be a naysayer.


You can find the series at, we hope you enjoy it!


Silver & Kaya


Happy Holidays 2019!

by Silver on Tuesday, December 24th, 2019

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Happy holidays guys! You have been the best readers a couple of authors could wish for and look forward to sharing lots of adventures with you come next year! We hope that this Holiday you eat well, drink merrily, and enjoy all your favorite things in life!
– Silver & Kaya

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