Daughters of the Witch Queen part 1 released!

by Silver on Sunday, March 1st, 2015

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The first part of our new dark fantasy series Daughters of Witch Queen is out.

There are two kinds of people in this world:
Witches and humans.

Nicholas Odd is a man travelling to London in search of his happily-ever-after, when his eyes are opened to a world he never believed could exist: a magical world that operates alongside of humans, ruled by a Witch Queen. A succession war has started amongst her seven daughters, fueled by the entrance of a new, enigmatic player, the Nightwitch.

Nicholas, pulled in the middle of the conflict, is about to have his life made a lot more interesting for him, and a lot more dangerous.

Nothing will ever be the same.

Feeder, eater, dreamer, dancer, lover, singer, or painter. Which one are you?

Get Daughters of the Witch Queen or loan it on Amazon!

For those without a Kindle device, we recommend to check out a Kindle-browser reader. It’s very easy and nice.

And no release is a real release without some new work-in-progress and concept art.



Work-in-progress concept art for the White Lies. Yep we had White Lies in RFR and we have them in DotWQ. This time they’re different; they’re whiter, they reproduce by cloning, and they’re just a little bit more awkward. They still have nasty teeth and an attitude to match that.



Concept art for a location in Part 1, Maggie’s Magnolias. Click to open.

We love to hear what you’ve thought so far, and hope you’ll send us a thousand messages.


Silver and Kaija

DotWQ Wallpapers

by Silver on Friday, February 27th, 2015

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To celebrate the upcoming release of part 1, we felt inspired to create a couple of Daughters of the Witch Queen wallpapers, one of which we’ve already released to our newsletter-list.

In the future, we want to talk more about the Magic-system behind DotWQ, and will be doing blog-posts and infographics to help that. It’s very fun and inspiring to work together with text and images and we’re excited to start sharing more with you guys. It’s a long road, but the next year and more should be very full of our best concept art work; of not only of the magic-system, but of different characters, of both the humans and witches, of the world, of it’s creatures, and important scenes from the story. We don’t want those pictures to be just random images either, so we’re trying to pool them together in ways that you could enjoy the story, even without reading the books. We’ll go deeper in to our plans in future blog-posts, as we have more things planned out.

Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy the wallpapers we have now :)

tldr: We’ll try our best use our skills as concept artists to bring this project to life, but that’s a subject for another time. Enjoy the wallpapers!


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Click to open!


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