by Silver on Thursday, November 28th, 2019

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Hello wonderful people!

Thank you for being our amazing Patrons. For the past five months you have supported our return from hibernation with Book of Fates and Tower 6. You’ve sent us your words of encouragement, your love, and faith in ways that even Tweebo couldn’t. Most of you have been reading our work since Run Freak Run and never gave up on us even when we almost did.

It’s not much, but to say thank you in our own small way we are sending Run Freak Run prints to everyone who pledges before December 24. If you’re already our supporter, then you’re on the list!

But as is the tradition of Book of Fates, we thought it would be best we check with the Fates which poster they want  :)

(Anyone can vote, even non-pledgers!)

Now go vote at this link:

– Silver and Kaya


Our new book – The Good Robot!

by Silver on Thursday, November 14th, 2019

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Our new book is called “The Good Robot”. It’s about an enthusiastic Service and Support Robot called “Tweebo” who starts its first day of work with a ragtag crew of a badly funded Earth Rediscovery Program. But will the energetic bot manage to become one of the team when it’s faced with a crew who seems to want nothing to do with it, apocalyptic amounts of snow, and corporate policies dictated by the ever-vigilant Human Resources Administration?

“The Good Robot” series is a dystopian satire with elements of science-fiction and post-apocalypse. If you enjoyed Murderbot, Fallout, or Asimov’s robot-series, then we think you might like this one too.

All the stories from “The Good Robot”-series are about 10K words long. We will release them in 5-6 installments which can be read as separate short stories, but will ultimately be connected and collected into a book.

The first ebook (short-story length) is completely free with no strings attached. Rest of the series will be gifted to our Patreon supporters as we complete them. Eventually the Tower 6 will find it’s way to the book stores, but that might take a while. So sit back, enjoy your free ebook, and get to know Tweebo – the robot that tries too hard. :)

All ebook downloads links in below link:




Love, hugs, and high-fives, Silver & Kaya


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