Run Freak Run book is out! (Print and Ebook)

by Silver on Sunday, October 18th, 2015

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We’ve done it! After working on it for over three years Run Freak Run has officially come to its end, and what better way to celebrate it than to make it available as a printed graphic novel and as a pay-what-you-want e-book! Check below how to get yours!

To be honest, holding the book in our hands feels kind of surreal. After so many years of it only existing on the internet it is strange to experience it as a beautifully bound, large book. We are proud and happy about the final product and the story we’ve told you, but we’re also incredibly sad about RFR ending, because through it we’ve made many new friends, learned a lot about ourselves and the craft (blog posts about that coming soon!), and had a chance to share the wortk with all of you.

Truly, RFR would be nothing without its readers. Through the years you have cheered us on, entertained us, and opened up to us in a very personal manner. So thank you, all of you dear readers, for the awesome experience and connections we couldn’t had even imagined would happen, and we hope you had even half as much fun as we did. And lastly, we hope you’ll enjoy the completed book. :)

Even though this sounds like a good bye, we won’t be going anywhere! We’ll still keep blogging here on while secretly working on a new project. It’s still a little far off for us to start talking about, but we’ll do our best to start publishing it online as fast as possible!

In the mean time, if you want to get in touch with us to chat or hang, or whatever, you can reach us over through the links below:

Twitter: Silver or Kaija
Instagram: Silver or Kaija


Silver Saaremaeel and Kaija Rudkiewicz



Click to order one! Extra hugs to everyone who gets one for their friends!


What’s in the book?

– 215 pages of Run Freak Run!
– Chapters 1-9, plus the book exclusive “The one with the Mermaids”!
– Illustrations and posters-designs!
– “Making of”-material and our favorite articles from the blog!

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Download the high resolution e-book!
Pay-what-you-want, suggested price is $10 but don’t feel bad for downloading for free :) 

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“The book includes a small exclusive chapter that we never published on the website before. It’s about how Two met up with the mysterious mermen in the first place.”


“The fine details of the inks read perfectly on the paper.”

rfr_book_2 (1 of 2)

“While we paid great detail to how RFR was published online, we always aimed for physical end product. There’s something in the weight and sense of paper that just can not be replaced.”


“Early sketches of Inquisitor Two. Kaija goes into great detail in the book about how we came up with her persona and look.”


“We included 7 of our favorite articles from the past three years. They range from design, to inspiration, to life-hacking.”


“Run Freak Run – the best book you’ll ever own.”

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