New additions to our shop and inking videos

by Kaija on Saturday, February 8th, 2014

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Once again I was surprised to find non edited inking videos, abandoned in a forgotten folder. I’m getting the feeling that I need to revise my system. And by that I mean that there’s way too many things I need to remember and it’s obvious that I never will. I should make a list that I can check off every week. I already have one for weekends, and it definitely keeps me moving seamlessly forward from one finished task to another.

Yes, that should do it.

And if you think this list making is starting to sound obsessive compulsive, don’t worry. Most probably in about five months time I’ll be looking into those same video folders, as perplexed at myself as I have been every time so far :D



We also framed and added the page to our Etsy-store. Take a look at the awesome photos Silver took of it:






This could be yours :)



Other shop additions include the illustration made to commemorate our 100 facebook likes-milestone:





Click and buy! :)



And last but not least, we printed out posters of the Mermen-illustration. You can find them too in our shop:



The frame’s not included in the shop to keep the price lower, but you can always contact us for special requests!





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