Run Freak Run was created together by us, its two authors: Silver Saaremaeel and Kaya Saaremaeel. It’s a long form webcomic about medieval witch hunts, mythical creatures, and evil queens. It’s made for the weird, kinda dark, and completely – but delightfully – creepy people.

RFR published a new page every week but is now completed.


Each Run Freak Run page starts from a script written by Silver, from where on Kaija goes through the process of thumbnailing, drawing and finally inking the comic on A3 Bristol paper. It is then scanned, lettered digitally and uploaded.



We’re big on tattoos here.

Silver writes and letters Run Freak Run. By day, he works as a lead artist for mobile games in Berlin, in Germany, where he lives together in their artsy studio with Kaija. Besides writing all his nights, Silver is a painter, avid reader, gamer and a lover of good quality Rieslings.


The tools of the trade.

The tools of the trade.

Kaija sketches, draws and inks everything in Run Freak Run. She’s the sole force responsible for the look of the comic. She is currently working as professional concept artist for the best looking mobile games in Berlin, Germany. Kaija is an artist, fashionista, crazy about scented candles and a dangerously workaholic; besides Run Freak Run, she spends her time creating her own original stories and researching all things dark, creepy and beautiful. Visit Kaija’s tumblr