Run Freak Run ebook!

This ebook is “pay-what-you-want” that collects the first five chapters of RFR in to a bundle package.

We’re forever grateful for all the support you’re giving us, for reading us and we’re thankful to have you on this journey with us.

– Run Freak Run chapters 1-5.
– Brand new ebook exclusive 4-page story.
– Our favorite essays and articles from the RFR blog, re-edited for the ebook.
– High resolution files.
– DRM free, share it with anyone!

Delivered as a .pdf or .cbr file. Can be read on any desktop computer or tablet!


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  • Oi

    How about an epub/mobi version?

    PS: your signin with disqus/twitter buttons don’t work.

    • Sept13

      epub/mobi and even .pdf will be in our backlog for eventual release, but I’m afraid you have to wait around the new year until we get there :) CBR is a nice lightweight solution for most devices, and was therefor prioritized.

      I’m afraid the Disqus-trouble is external and we can’t do much about it, but I’ll look into it, thanks.


  • RupertRobin

    Your comic would look gorgeous in a hardback print edition. Is there a future possibility ???

    • Sept13

      Thanks Rupert!

      There is a future print possibility, but we’re still quite far from it.

      Stay tuned though! :)


  • ted

    i gotta say love you guys.1) because RFR rocks. and 2) because the two of you you are so amazingly cute. in a couple-y way

    • Kaija Rudkiewicz

      Aww thank you Ted :D And it’s always good to hear nice feedback on the comic! We’ll do our best to keep on rocking it!

  • Meg

    I just buy it in PDF :) Keep up the good work! Its very amazing and inspirating! Love your black and white contrast :3

    • Sept13

      Hey Meg! Thank you so much! We really appreciate your support :) Have a great Friday!

  • Brian Poellnitz

    Happy to support RFR! My Red Nun print arrived a few days ago. Reaaaaallly enjoy what you do!

    • Sept13

      Thank you so much Brian, your support means the world to us. :)