Extra comics:
“The one with all the wail” in E-book one!


http://www.soapboxpress.co.uk/tom-davison-interview – Soap Box Press, interview by Tom Davison
http://www.superexcitemag.com/2013/05/post_4621.html – Super Excite Magazine, page 22, interview by Kayla Willis

Making of RFR:

Character design process – Two
Character design process – The Queen

Step by step video – The Sleeping Beauty

Run Freak Run illustrations:

  • Marduk

    In love with the art and style and general atmosphere of this webcomic. So cool!

    • Silver Saaremaeel

      Thank you so much for your extra-super-kind words, Marduk! We’re extremely humbled and delighted that you’re enjoying our work! :)