The beginning Two

by Kaija on Saturday, February 9th, 2013

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Run Freak Run has been published online for little over a month now, but it’s already been a year since we started working on it. For us it already feels like a long ride with plenty of ups and downs, first tries and re-tries, and finally knowing enough to move forward without too much stumbling. Surprisingly, that long term consistency has been the most rewarding aspect of last year’s journey, not the small occasional victories and breakthroughs, although those definitely are what keep you moving forward at the time.

We started brainstorming setting ideas during last Christmas holidays. There were Mongolians invading Europe, inquisitor girls with zweihänders, and a lot more that I cannot remember now. In the end, all that led us to a nun who hunts witches, monsters or frankly anything abnormal on the inquisition’s orders.

That’s when I drew the first sketches shown below. She already had the name “Two”, a remnant detail from a previous story idea that fit even better with the new character. It took a couple of tries more from my part to get the details of her dress right, but the essence of the character clicked with both of us right away. We stopped the blue-sky idea generation there and run with Two. Silver started creating a world around her and I moved on to figuring out how I wanted to approach the visuals of the comic.

I think we still had some days left until the end of the holidays at that point. So, you can imagine, if all that happened in about a week, how much we’ve experienced with the project in a year :)

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– Kaija