The Queen’s character design process

by Kaija on Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Posted in: Art, making of RFR
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This time I’m going to walk you guys through the process of creating The Queen. She was a relatively tricky one, it took me longer than usual to nail her design down.

There’s a funny “click!” feeling in my head when I figure out a character design. Maybe it’s the exact moment you figure out who that person is whom you’ve created. Before the “click” the characters are like a puzzle with infinite solutions, and you’re trying to fit different pieces together, looking if there’s something that will fit or add something interesting to the table. But after that moment of knowing it’s smooth sailing and you have a clear goal to work to.

I had Two in my head from the start, so there was no stumbling and no refining processes. As I said, I wasn’t so lucky with the Queen. My “click” moment with her came exactly between part1 and part2 of the process.


– Kaija