Drawing the rooftops of RFR

by Silver on Sunday, March 9th, 2014

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One of our favorite things in life is experimenting with art.

Be it with written words, drawing, storytelling or even photography – we love to mess around. It’s what keeps everything fresh, interesting and fun.

It’s easy to get stuck with your creative influences; photographers look at other photographs, illustrators at other illustrators and bla bla, you get the idea. Everyone tends to look for easy influences, because it’s safe and convenient and you can’t really go wrong. But you can’t really grow out of the box then either.

The whole Run Freak Run experience has been one big playground for me. Besides writing and lettering, I get to battle website code and graphic design. Extremely frustrating at times, but super educational and it has improved my professional concept art work in ways I wouldn’t have imagined.

For a while, we’ve been trying my dearest with photography in the mix and just to make things more complicated, we decided to mix in video as well!

We’ve made one mood video of Kaija drawing a future RFR-page from the upcoming chapter (starting tomorrow!) and we mixed in music from Indie Folker. Check it out, it’s just under this text!

It’s quite a lot of production work, so we don’t know where we go with this video thing yet, but we’re going to keep experimenting with music mood videos to behind-the-scenes office tours to what ever we happen to fancy.

So bear with us, stay interested and thanks for taking part of this journey! :)


And now check out the video and leave us comments!



The video was recorded with our new Panasonic Lumix GH3, and we love it.


Here’s Kaija recording material for a film she’s working on now.


FACESMUSH!!! The secret ingredient behind Run Freak Run is kisses.

Have a great Sunday!

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