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by Silver on Thursday, March 20th, 2014

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Dear reader,

Working creatively day after day, year after year can be hard and consuming; It is a journey of its own that never ends, and to aid with that, we present three new things that have recently inspired, motivated and refreshed our batteries.

There’s nothing like going to a book store for treasure hunting. There’s this one big one in the center of Frankfurt that has a considerable english fiction section, and sometimes we like to go there just for fun, for kicks – just to see if we’ll get lucky.


And lucky we got. Now, I’m not far into this book, just some chapters, and it might not be such a great ride in the long run. I’ve fallen out of love with books before, but the parts I’ve read – I’ve enjoyed tremendously. Japanese fiction literature has that distinct surrealism that really appeals to me. I’m hoping it’ll be a great book. For now, I’m excited about it and it has made my life better. Maybe it will yours too, dear reader.


Mysterious cover = Automatically good book


Call me easy if you want to, but this won me over.

THE SKY: The art of Final Fantasy by Yoshitaka Amano

As huge fans of Final Fantasy visual language, and even bigger fans of art books, this one was a match made in heaven. Filled with 800 pages of art from sketches to watercolor illustrations, from various Final Fantasy games, it’s one of the best art books I’ve ever seen. Hugely inspiring; it’s what dreams are made of. Great for fantasy reference, or for study material for illustrators and concept artists, and while it can get daunting to look at art, page after page, it’s really one unique package that we love.


800 pages divided to three books. It’s a huge set and heavy as hell.









OGAMI notebooks.

Now that you’re full of inspiration, you should capture it all down with a brand new Ogami branded notebooks, the first notebook made freaking STONE! To be honest, they’re not so different from Moleskine or other papers, but if you’re in the business of fancy art and writing supplies – then it might appeal to you too.

While I’ll write or draw on anything that moves, I do prefer a beautiful looking designer notepad. It makes me feel special, and that’s what life is all about: Those special little moments that you’ll always carry with you.


+1 Hipster notebook


Writing on stone, it’s almost like graffiti!

And there you have it for this time; something to read, something to watch and something to write in. If you won’t get far with this, then nothing will!


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