The horizontal ones

by Kaija on Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

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The first year year of making Run Freak Run was riddled with confusion, self doubt and too often pushing yourself over the edge to a free fall into burnout. So, I’d rather just be happy about having gotten mostly over the biggest hurdles of this project and for having a good rhythm going for me, instead of looking back at a harder phase of production.

Nonetheless, I was jolted back in time, when Silver dug up a stack of RFR pages. The pages. In our minds these were the infamous pages. The bittersweet ones. The ones that were our false start.

The horizontal ones.


22 consecutive pages never saw the light of day.

22 consecutive pages never saw the light of day.

Monsters were changed...

Monsters were changed…

P1020762 copy

Some full page vistas were removed…

P1020766 copy

The pace of the story was quickened…

Some techniques were dropped due to their time consuming qualities.

Some techniques were dropped due to their time consuming qualities.


Yes, we have 22 pages of RFR in horizontal format. I’ve always liked horizontal graphic novels and it felt like a better format to publish on the internet. We never got to try out that theory though, because we restarted the comic in vertical format after the first chapter was done.

We had given ourselves a year of preparation before we’d launch the webcomic. Out of those 12 months, only 6 were left at that point and we were in square one again.

Funnily enough I don’t remember switching to a regular format being a hard decision. We had reasons that fundamentally outweighed the “cool” factor of the horizontal pages. More affordable printing costs in the future being one of them.

The positive note in these kinds of situations is the knowledge you accumulate on the first try. Restarting something you’ve worked hard on will be demoralizing, but redoing the work will go faster than on the first try and dare I say, even better if you hunker down and just do it.

Silver got to rewrite some of the story, I got to streamline the techniques I wanted to use for drawing the pages. All in all it gave the comic a slightly better start and made our future production easier.
There’s no big morale to this story. As you already know, everything has ended well. Sometimes false starts just happen. And I guess you just have to know when to kill your darlings and restart.




  • The Magyar

    Sometimes restarting and updating with new techniques is necessary, it can be uplifting to observe the change in skill after learning and reapplying.

    • Kaija Rudkiewicz

      Definitely, a new start can give you that pause to assess and compare. And you never see improvement line by line, more like pile of papers by pile of papers.

      • The Magyar

        It is good to take a fresh look at your own improvements too, see how you’ve grown thus far and how you can improve even further :)

  • pandaliondeath

    Feeling a lot of emotions from this, thank you for sharing the cake batter and deflated souffles.

    • Kaija Rudkiewicz

      Happy to share! I think there were some gooey muffins in there too :D

  • el-dritch

    These are gorgeous. As sad as it is to have to kill your darling, it may have contributed to making rfr the beautiful comic it is today.
    Also…I hope we might see these on the web store? :)

    • Kaija Rudkiewicz

      Thank you, I believe so too :) As for selling the pages, you might have an idea there. There are some really nice ones in that pile. If you already see something that catches your eye in the photos just give me a shout and I can arrange something. Either way, I think we’ll put some of them up on the store.

  • Matt

    That full page vista looks niiice.