The Legend of the Super Turtle King and the King of Pandorea UPDATE 1

by Silver on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

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So – I promised myself I’d put this project aside AND NOT TOUCH IT, for I have other projects that ought to come first – but who am I to fight inspiration when it hits me. So here we are with a new update to The Legend of the Super Turtle King and the Prince of Pandorea.

For this update, I made a new animated illustration that takes the journey onward another step. This time, our heroes, the Prince and his guide come face to face with the Super Turtle King. I also updated the graphic design and color grading of the first image, to bring cohesion between the two images. I also changed the project name from King of Pandorea to a Prince of Pandorea. There was too many kings in the name.

Next step for me is to figure out the outcome of this meeting with a super kick-ass story reversal that’ll start something wonderful and magical. I’m not going to promise you guys that this project will gain any footing, but for what ever it is, or becomes, I’ll keep you updated and share the progress as I go forward.



“Long time ago, in a far away Kingdom there was a Prince in exile.”


“… The legend said, the Prince could only reclaim his throne from his evil uncle, with the teachings of the Super Turtle King – guardian of the long lost secret.”



Tweet, tweet me your genius ideas for the next step, so I can steal them, and not do any work myself @runfreakrun !