The Legend of the Super Turtle King and the King of Pandorea

by Silver on Friday, May 9th, 2014

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The legend of the Super Turtle King and the King of Pandorea

Ideas are cheap.

And I got a lot of them.

Actually, I got too many ideas,  for ideas are nothing but vague statements in out of context until they’re put  to a working order and presented the right way. And that takes time that I just can’t always find.

Yet still, equipped with a fledgling idea of a world named Pandorea – a world that has a legend of a giant Super Turtle King and young hero, maybe a prince on his personal quest –  I painted this concept image.

After that I animated the camera panning and cape movement, and added a logo for a trailer-like feeling. I’ve been curious to explore more storytelling techniques for concept art and this ended up as a great experience. I think it has a lot of potential for production use and I’m quite excited to see where I can take in the future.

Concept art and games are always pushing for a more “cinematic” quality, but this far it only seems to apply to lens flares and aspect ratios. What I think we should push more is the storytelling part of movies, but that’s a whole different battle, best fought another day.

Back to the Super Turtle King.
I think I could easily imagine more scenes, characters and adventures for this world, but I’m too afraid of going deeper down the rabbit-hole, for I have other projects to finish and I don’t want to overcrowd my brain. It wouldn’t be good for what I’m working on already, and it wouldn’t be good for the Super Turtle King either.

And so, maybe one day I’ll return to Pandorea for a proper exploration, equipped with the amount of time it needs to flourish and grow, and make something out of it. But until then I’ll let it sleep with the hope that the Super Turtle King will still be there when I return.

And if not, then I guess I’ll just have to come up with a new idea.

A better idea.


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