Creature concept and one day free Amazon promotion

by Kaija on Sunday, March 8th, 2015

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First of all, let me start by letting you know that today Amazon has a one day free promotion for Daughters of the Witch Queen. Go get it while it’s still possible!

You can read the story on either your Kindle-device, or on Amazon’s browser-reader at, or on any Apple or Android device that has the Kindle-app installed.

As you may have noticed, we love telling stories through pictures. And, as you may have noticed also, even though the next project we’re working on (Daughters of the Witch Queen) is a novel, we’ve been creating concepts and illustrations for the story as much as time allows. But it’s not just all about the pictures: we’re taking on a mindset of sprinkling information in with them, and widening the world beyond the story we’re creating.

And for anyone who’s not interested in the story itself, these pictures can act like puzzle pieces to the world; a little random at first, but soon you’ll be able to piece together the big picture.

_White Lie_SMALL




  • Occams Lazer

    You got a small spelling error in the description guys, forgot the second “l” in Individually, I love the look of these things though! Good work :D

    • Kaija Rudkiewicz

      Thank you Jakob!!! It’s fixed now :) You’ll get a glimpse of the White Lies in the next part of the story. How’s the Sunday there, on the other side of the globe?

      • Occams Lazer

        We’re getting cooler weather since we just entered Autumn, it’s good though. Perfect weather for the nightly walks I’ve started doing :)

        • Kaija Rudkiewicz

          Nightly walks sound nice! Over here we’re finally getting warmer weather. Yesterday was our first Spring day :)

          • Occams Lazer

            Ahh that sounds nice, I prefer the cooler seasons to be honest :)

  • Breinrott

    Will there be a phyisical copy released for those of us without Kindles?

    • Sept13

      Heya! Yep! But we can’t say when yet. It takes quite a while to put a physical edition together, but we will do in the future for sure.

      But you can also read it on Amazon’s kindle web-reader or if you have an android or an apple device, then you can get a Kindle-app for those.

      Let us know if any of those work out :)