Ryse character concept art

by Kaija on Sunday, December 1st, 2013

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A bit over two and a half years ago me and Silver started working on Crytek’s most recent game – Ryse. Now that the game is finally out, we can show you guys some of the concepts we’ve made. I’ll start with my work and Silver’s going to post his in the next post. Enjoy! :)


Ryse_presentation_Winter copyRyse_presentation_Summer copyRyse_presentation_oswald copy Ryse_presentation_Boudica copyRyse_presentation_Minotaur copy

Ryse_presentation_glott copyRyse_presentation_sword copyRyse_presentation_two handed copyRyse_presentation_Shield copyRyse_presentation_Heavy copyRyse_presentation_Oracle copyRyse_presentation_Father copyRyse_presentation_Basilius copyRyse_presentation_Gladiator copyRyse_presentation_Marius copyRyse_presentation_generalpopulation copyRyse_presentation_Statues copyRyse_presentation_wallpaintings copy


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