Finished business! Illustration done!

by Silver on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

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As promised, I took the time and finished this personal sci-fi illustration of mine. I call it Tower 6. For those wondering, this has nothing to do with Run Freak Run. Stay tuned anyways! :) I’m a fan of epic sci-fi with all it’s space ships and can’t hold myself back from painting some.

Kaija came across this video about astronauts and how going to space has affected them and how space travel in general has affected man kind. It’s a truly beautiful video and I hope you take a fifteen minute pause to check it out. I’ve always been a space enthusiast and cannot wait until we get interstellar space travel happening. Unfortunately it seems to be one of those dreams that never keeps happening so I guess I just have settle with sci-fi. :)

I heard that sci-fi is making it’s next big boom, and that is has been slowly growing since Avatar and as of late, Hunger Games. I guess it’ll be up to the new Star Wars movies to bring it home. I’m cautiously optimistic about the upcoming movies. I’ve enjoyed most of the things J.J Abrams has involved himself (Lost, Fringe and Super 8) even while there’s been some disappointments (Alcatraz and Revolution). Never the less, it’s going to be interesting.

Today I’m listening to the Road, and it’s intense, seriously grim and impressive at the same time. I’m not even half-way through and I’m already making plans to watch the movie with Kaija. She already listened to it and loved it, so I think I’m in for a treat.

See you laters, alligators!
– Silver