Finished business! Illustration done!

by Silver on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

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As promised, I took the time and finished this personal sci-fi illustration of mine. I call it Tower 6. For those wondering, this has nothing to do with Run Freak Run. Stay tuned anyways! :) I’m a fan of epic sci-fi with all it’s space ships and can’t hold myself back from painting some.

Kaija came across this video about astronauts and how going to space has affected them and how space travel in general has affected man kind. It’s a truly beautiful video and I hope you take a fifteen minute pause to check it out. I’ve always been a space enthusiast and cannot wait until we get interstellar space travel happening. Unfortunately it seems to be one of those dreams that never keeps happening so I guess I just have settle with sci-fi. :)

I heard that sci-fi is making it’s next big boom, and that is has been slowly growing since Avatar and as of late, Hunger Games. I guess it’ll be up to the new Star Wars movies to bring it home. I’m cautiously optimistic about the upcoming movies. I’ve enjoyed most of the things J.J Abrams has involved himself (Lost, Fringe and Super 8) even while there’s been some disappointments (Alcatraz and Revolution). Never the less, it’s going to be interesting.

Today I’m listening to the Road, and it’s intense, seriously grim and impressive at the same time. I’m not even half-way through and I’m already making plans to watch the movie with Kaija. She already listened to it and loved it, so I think I’m in for a treat.

See you laters, alligators!
– Silver

  • Jaroslaw Baranowski

    This looks like a perfect match for Numenera.

    • Sept13

      Wow, I hadn’t heard of Numenera before but it looks like it’s made for me :) Thanks Jaroslaw! -Silver

  • Jyoji

    I love the connection of low/high tech. Instantly the mind wanders to “Who are these figures watching on from the hills? Natives to the planet? Are those working on the tower their descendants or are they an invading force.” Just vague enough that it sends my mind a mile a minute. So good. Keep up the great work you guys!

    • Sept13

      Thanks Jyoji, I’m really glad that you were taken by the narrative of the image. It was one the points I was focusing on :)

  • Gort

    Just asking, have you ever read anything by R. A. Heinlein? (without doubt, THE space exploration maven of the universe)

    • Sept13

      No, I haven’t. Do you recommend starting with something?

      – Silver

      • Gort

        Ok, when I saw your comment in the strip, I assumed you were quoting Heinlein. I recommend his earlier work. I think that some of his really outstanding books are “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” and “Starship Troopers” for example. Pretty much anything that he wrote before say about 1965 was very well done. Unfortunately, after that, (in my opinion) his mental faculties started to decline and it showed up in his later works. Don’t get me wrong here. I happen to believe the he’s up there with the greatest authors ever. If you get a chance to read some of his work, note some of his ideas, such as the waterbed, the waldo (remotely controlled mechanical hands), as well as a variety of other things that are now taken for granted. Take note… He also wrote a fair amount of stories intended for younger readers with the intent of getting them interested in science, engineering, and just getting an education. I hope you find this useful!
        Mark (Gort)

        • Sept13

          Ah right, now he rings a bell! I know Starship Troopers, only the movie though (which is one of my favorites). I’ve heard the original book has a very, very different tone though and the movie was almost a satire. But it’s been recommended so many times to me now, that I pretty much have to read it :)


          • Gort


            The book and the movie are not at all like each other, but I do think you’ll like “Troopers”. If you find a copy of “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” bear in mind it was written quite a few years ago and the references are dated. (Still a great story) Please let me know what you think if you get a chance to read either one. I’d appreciate what your impressions are.

            Talk to you later,