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by Kaija on Friday, February 13th, 2015

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edit: advance reader copies gone! Thank you for your help guys.


Today we’re announcing a new book project called Daughters of the Witch Queen.

We’ve been working on this story for the past two years alongside of Run Freak Run, and what seems like a million rewrites, violent headaches, and many cries, this story has come to a place that we can start sharing it.

We’re especially proud of it because it’s something quite different for us. It’s a serialized novel that we hope to release to you in parts, like TV episodes, as a series of e-books – all the while continuing to work on and deliver Run Freak Run to the finale it deserves.

But we’re also artists, so this novel will come to you with a mighty package of concept art, info-graphics, and illustrations. It is a project in which we hope to marry our two loves, creating stories and creating art.

We want you to be part of this experience! The first part of this serialized novel is finished and ready to be released on the 1st of March on Amazon for $2.99. But before that happens we’re releasing the first two chapters to you for free. This blog post contains a link below. We hope you enjoy them!
On that note, we’re also looking for early reviewers who would receive a free e-book of Daughters Of The Witch Queen Part 1 for a promise to leave an honest Amazon and/or Goodreads review after reading it.

This is in no way a request to satisfy our vanity but a means to help us get our feet into a totally new distribution system. Amazon’s search engine works, among other things, by giving the more reviewed items priority in search results, and getting some honest early reviews will be immensely helpful to us to spread the word of the book. Not to speak of giving people a better understanding of what to expect from the story and helping everyone to make a more informed purchase.

So, if you want to read Daughters Of The Witch Queen for free, then send us an e-mail to contact [at] runfreakrun.com requesting a copy, and we will send you the e-book within couple of days. All we’re asking for return is an honest Amazon review: a star rating and a few words whether you liked it so far or not. We can handle a group of hundred volunteers before we’ll get overwhelmed, so we have to operate on first come, first serve basis. We hope you understand. :)

The first part of Daughters of the Witch Queen is roughly 1-1,5 hour long reading experience, depending on the speed of the reader. As mentioned before, the release happens on the 1st of March, so that means you’ll have about two weeks to give it a read and rate it after the release :) We hope this sounds like a fair enough exchange, and we will be eternally grateful to the first hundred that wants to take a stab at it!

Now back to the sneak peak :) You’ll find the first two chapters along with a new set of illustrations below. Click on the “Click To Read!” button to go to the Google Drive document with the chapters. We hope you enjoy reading them!



Daughters of the Witch Queen part 1 – teaser

Click to read!








To sum up!

We are working on a serialized novel, released in segments of 1-1.5 hour reading experiences. DotWQ is planned as s 9-part story (at least). We’re releasing it in small segments because we enjoy this constant interaction with our readers, and we’d love to keep it up, instead of writing in silence for the next three years.

Each part will be released on Amazon for the price of $3. We’re going to do our best to delight and entertain you, and to earn you as our readers.


If you’d like to help us create this book, then please become one of our advance readers. You’ll get a free copy of Daughters of the Witch Queen part 1, and we only ask that you’ll leave us an honest review on Amazon/Gooderads. We can only handle up to a hundred helpers, so first come, first serve.


To participate, send us an email at contact@runfreakrun.com


We look forward to this ride with you :)



Silver and Kaija