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by Silver on Monday, November 3rd, 2014

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subscribe to the RFR newsletter

Hello dear readers! Today we’re going to ask you to subscribe to our newsletter :)

Some of you might have already noticed the brand new pop-up and sidebar signup for it, and now it’s about time we put it on the blog too.


So what is this newsletter thingy?

It’s a way for us to send you regular monthly updates on Run Freak Run pages, so you’ll never lose track with how the story is progressing. You’ll also get exclusive sketches, subscriber only art sales, and updates from the blog.

It might sound heavy, but we promise not to spam – we’re way too busy to spam.

And last, you’ll get the first teasers about our new story.


What new story?

We’re not quite there yet, but eventually we’ll reach a comfortable place to talk about. The first scoop will come to e-mail subscribers, because that’s how we roll.

Will it have witches?

Oh yes.

And magic?

Unbelievably tasty magic.

What else?

Rain, lots of it.


Wait, what about RFR?

Run Freak Run is still going to run without any hiccups. The newsletter will only help us reach our readers easier, and help us deliver you more stories with less hassle. We’re really quite excited about it because it feels like there’s one less barrier between us and our audience.

So, once more to summarize – Please subscribe to our newsletter and help us get you more RFR.