700+ Facebook likes! Let’s get a thousand?

by Silver on Thursday, June 19th, 2014

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As work on Run Freak Run continues almost daily, I just noticed to my delight that we’ve passed 700 Facebook likes on Facebook-page. I know, I know – It’s not much – but it’s something – It means that a considerable sum of people have read our work, been impressed, and cared enough to show their support. It’s not much in the billions of humans around the world, but it’s something, and we’re proud of it. Now let’s make it a thousand – and we’ll be extra happy!


Let’s make it a thousand FB likes, witches!

Yesterday I pitched the ending of RFR to Kaija and she was impressed. Not only was she impressed, but also disturbed, shocked and slightly confused. And thus, she gave me her official sign of approval. Fear not though, we’re still a long time from RFR ending. Just stay tuned and enjoy the ride for now. :)


And to show off our (Kaija’s) hard work, I took new behind-the-scenes photos of what she’s working on now. Enjoy!










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