Weekend warriors.

by Silver on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

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Take heed kids and stay home during your weekends and draw, write and dance and one day, if you work hard enough and if you don’t give up, you too might have a comic book at your hands. A comic book that you’ve sweated over, obsessed over and worked over for days and months if not for years.

It’s going to be in your hands and it’s going to be one of the proudest moments of your life. And as you’re basking in the joy, in all the glory of the moment you know that after that cheerful night, when the next morning rises, you’re going to start all over from scratch and this time it’s going to be an even better one, for this was only a start.

And so, you will repeat the process, day after day, month after month, year after year, producing new stories, new illustrations and new books for us to enjoy. Sometimes they turn out better than the last one, sometimes worse, but you’re learning something new every time. Some of you will get famous, some of you will not. Some are way ahead of their times, but never the less, you try.

And you’re happiest when you try.
And so, you repeat the process, day after day, month after month, year after year.

Until, one day you will die.


  • seraphic machine

    I wish it was this easy. Then again, maybe it is, just not for some. Still, wise words. :)

    • Sept13

      Try once, and fail gloriously! Next time, get a little closer and after hundred times, you’ll be a lot more closer.

      Slowly, you’ll chip away all your failures :)

      • seraphic machine

        You see, I seldom come to even trying, because I have this crippling fear I have been dragging with me since childhood (and I’m not a kid anymore for quite some time now). Funny how talking about them all deep-seated fears/phobias/traumas sound silly, yet when you are alone with them, they grow to the size of mammoths.
        Meh, today seems to be an emo-day. Then again, I know there’s a genius writer somewhere in me, just need to find him. :D

        • Sept13

          There are exceptions to the rule, but most genius’ just put in the hours just like all the other mortals.

          Fear is a mind-killer and if you’re able to throw away that and remember that no one will judge you – mainly because no one cares enough to judge yet – then you can concentrate on having fun and tuning your craft.

          And only when someone does judge you and goes through your errors and faults to prove that you’re no good, you can say that you’ve made it – you’ve made good enough for someone to care, for someone to voluntarily to use hours of their own free time to tell you where you did not connect with them. Now you didn’t become a genius or a master yet, but you’re getting closer.

          But until you get there, you just have to keep grinding the hours.

          I can’t advise you where to find the willpower and inspiration to begin, but I can promise you that after a thousand hours, you’re going to be thousand times better than when you started.

          • seraphic_machine

            There is an inherent wisdom in the words of strangers, it makes me think that the “youth today” isn’t seeking approval from others when posting their lives all over the web, but an external point of view.
            Thank you.