Book of Fates, art for the first 14 chapters

by Silver on Thursday, October 31st, 2019

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Hello adventurers, we wanted to share some art from the first 14 chapters of Book of Fates, our new webserial that you can read at

We know we’ve been spamming it a fair amount on this blog, but still feel like oversharing it – we’re proud story-parents you see, and we just can’t stop talking about it. So let’s do – let’s have a look at all the art that has been done!


It began with our protagonist — the Eternal Knight — who had landed on the Forgotten Shores of Ferax without memory or understanding who he is or why he’s there. On the beach, he meets a strange old fella and by the grace of the Fates decides to talk to him. So far, so good…


The old man leads our protagonist away from the beach and offers the Eternal Knight a weapon from his hidden salvage cache. The Fates need to decide between a sword and a shield, a battle axe, and an oar.

The battle axe and the oar were neck in neck in the polls, but at the last minute the oar came out on top. That’s right, our Eternal Knight is an oar wielding bad-ass.


Well, I’m glad there aren’t any dangerous monsters around that would need to be fought off with blades. Scratch that — a MONSTER ATTACKS! The knight hacks, he slashes, but the monster is too strong. The Fates had to decide if the knight protects his newfound ‘allies’ on the beach or sacrifices them for a killing blow. I’m not going to spoil it here, you just have to read to experience how shameless our Fates really are. We love you guys, but you sometimes you don’t think things through.


The land of Ferax is overtaken by a curse that turns people into mutated plant monsters. The real reason why our monsters look like this is because my wife has a serious obsession with plants. We have like a gazillion houseplants and every week they multiply. And now they’re in our fantasy story too. Is there no end to this madness? Just kidding, I like plants too (and I love you, honey!)


The Eternal Knight loses his oar because of selfishness, but meets a young elven mage who will help him get it back. She says she’s an apprentice, but she can pack a punch with air magic. She also speaks a lot — like Anne from Green Gables lot.


We gave our readers a chance to smash this flying tower into the monster’s lair, but the Fates had other plans. Namely, loot. We really have no idea how our readers make their decisions and sometimes (always) we’re worried what we’re getting ourselves into.


The Eternal Knight gets a new companion, Compie the companion box. He’s snarky and shifty, but our Fates decide to trust his guidance anyways. Silly, silly fates…


In this chapter the group accidentally step on a mushroom man and then try to make peace with them by becoming their prisoners instead of fighting them off like real warriors would.


All bow down to the Mushroom King. The Fates sure did.


This might look like a strange decision to make, but each of these are hats, and have special magic powers. It was a big moment really.


And like all underground dungeons, you need a dragon.


Bad stuff happens here. Guess whose fault it was? The Fates.


Need a hand? Ha ha.



And this is the end of the first arc! Book of Fates is a fantasy series which we will keep publishing week by week and make a book out of it one day. But more importantly, it is our way of challenging the image of a solitary writer. Instead of waiting for a finished novel, we invite our readers to share in the transcendental experience of playing god with us. This project would not exist without our readers joining us in breaking the rules of storytelling and publishing. We’re writing this story against all known publishing methods, out in the open, each week reacting to the audience’s choices, sharing their anxieties, rooting for mischief, and celebrating victories. This project is a collaboration and a dialogue, and while you wait for your favorite fantasy writer to finish the next thousand-page novel, you’re welcome to hang out with us at or our discord-server.


Love, Silver and Kaya