Four Disney artists painting

by Silver on Monday, January 12th, 2015

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If you’re one of those who has played Banner Saga, then you’ve no doubt noticed the beautiful background artwork in there. Who were they inspired by? Eyvind Earle and the classic Disney movies. While totally different mood and subject matter, the influence is clear and well executed.

As big fans of them, we just had to post this. You can see Eyvind Earle work his magic with his fellow Disney artists on few of the Sleeping Beauty background paintings, and do a personal take on a simple outdoors tree-portrait. Simply fascinating.



  • Occams Lazer

    It’s incredible how differently each artist saw and painted the tree. Such vastly different styles of the same subject are amazing.

    • Sept13

      I agree. What amazed me the most was how their very edgy and personal styles can transfer into something very commercial and production friendly. Masters at their craft, really.

      • Occams Lazer

        What intrigued me about each artist’s process was their thoughts on the tree and how they managed to convey their own ideas of it onto the canvas. I loved the architectural viewpoint of the oak.