Kisa Pyropet – The cat that caught on fire

by Silver on Sunday, July 20th, 2014

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We’re big fans of all things Kickstarter here.

Be it games, music, or industrial design – you can find some pretty innovative and quirky experiences there. So quirky they couldn’t possibly succeed in the normal market.

You never know what to find there. It’s quite exciting.

You also never know when, and if you’ll even receive the project you funded. Because of the nature of Kickstarter, some projects get delayed, run out of money, and fail. So you can imagine our happy delight when the postman delivered the succesfully funded Kisa – Pyropet candle by its designers Thorunn Arnadottir and Dan Koval.

Originally Kisa was the kind of project me and Kaija go coco over; funny, cute and absolutely morbid. I mean, who’d want to burn a cat? I guess I do.

So check out this charming little piece of design geniosity, and if you want to get your own little flaming cat, then head over to Pyropet’s website!


From package design to the shape of the candle and it’s interior skeleton – the product is full of awesome.


Lighting it, is like lighting any other candle. No prior training in handling candles is required.


And so, the proud kitten starts to melt away.


It takes quite a bit of burning until the skeleton starts to fully reveal itself, but the sight is worth it.


Take heed, the candle does spill a lot. A LOT.


Kisa Pyropet – Your alternative to burning real cats.


Stay strong, stay bold, love,

Meow @runfreakrun