The tattoo artists I admire.

by Silver on Thursday, March 28th, 2013

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I’m a big fan of tattoos. My relationship to them is pretty similar to my relationship to fashion and clothes; I see them as an extension of your personality and as a way to leave an impression. Not all agree with me on this, I think most prefer to have a symbolic meaning behind their tattoo’s; something to celebrate, like a rite of passage or a loved one. That’s fine, it’s admirable really – but it’s not for me – I more of a “vain and cool” kind of guy.

Here are some tattoo artists that I admire on their unique artistic abilities, on their sophisticated design skills and unmatched craftsmanship. These tattoo artists inspire me to work harder on my own craft and gain the same kind of confidence and peace as they have with their work.


Thomas Hooper, New York, USA.

This guy’s a monster. He’s really a fine artist who works both on canvas and skin. It’s really his ability to combine skulls, floral decorations and abstract patterns together that makes him so special. The density of detail is breathtaking and unbelievable.


Yann Black, Montreal, Canada.

Another monster, but this time a very different way. His style is something that only Tim Burton and French cartoonists mash-up could produce: creepy beautiful. It’s a very, very unique style of tattooing; playful, illustrative and surprising.


Tomas Tomas, London, UK.

His style is minimalistic, pointillist, abstract and three-dimensional at the same time. He’s a master of warping the tattoos to go around the human muscles and extremely smart user of symmetry and repetition. It really is an impressive work of art.


I hope the art work from these artists is as inspiring to you as it is to me and gives you a wider perspective on tattoo’s and its potential as an art form.

Besides the one’s mentioned here, there are hundreds if not thousands of talented tattoo artists in the world with unique and impressive styles, it’s just these three that have left the largest impact on me.

Find your own inspiration, the artist you want to work with and go get tattooed!


– Love always, Silver