New Run Freak Run posters and a recommendation for THUNDERPAW!

by Kaija on Sunday, February 24th, 2013

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Just a moment ago I finished two new RFR poster designs. I’ve had them on my to-do list for two months already, ever since the Christmas holidays, during which I drew couple of pages of thumbnails with possible ideas for illustrations and posters. I took a picture of one of the thumbnail pages for you guys to see :)

I’m especially happy with the chain whip poster, I like that I managed to keep it so simple, no distractions. The other one gives me a nice retro vibe :) All in all I’m happy with today’s results!

The thumbnails for the two finished posters are on the third row from the top, in the middle. I’m not sure which one I’ll do next; I’m itching to get my hands four of these. I’ll keep it a surprise for when they eventually come :)

I also HAVE to shout out about this new webcomic I was reading yesterday. It’s called “Thunderpaw: In the ashes of fire mountain” by Jen Lee and I highly recommed it. I think I was squealing from happiness while I was reading it :D It’s an animated comic about two lost dogs on a journey to find their home while the whole world around them is crumbling to bits. Beautifully drawn, love the style, striking colour scheme and the gifs bring the whole apocalyptic world as well as the dogs alive. Especially the one that’s constantly on the verge of tearing up. The cutest thing ever :)

Until next time!

– Kaija